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Job Description:

Senior Abuse Network Care Coordinator

General Statement of Duties:

This is a care coordinator position, which involves direct assistance to victims of DV/SV, training, and community outreach as outlined per Department of Justice Senior Abuse program under SMPDD’s Senior Services Division.


The Senior Abuse Network Care Coordinator will be based in the Gulfport office, but will travel throughout the service area to meet victims and work with area service providers and MOU partners. The Senior Abuse Network Care Coordinator reports to the Program Manager. The Senior Abuse Care Coordinator is responsible for the following activities:

  • Perform duties of direct assistance to victims/survivors of SV/DV to include, but not limited to:
    • Respond to requests/referrals for victim advocacy and direct services
    • Prioritize victim/survivors needs and ensuring safety in an emergency situation to include, but not limited to referring to emergency services
    • Refer victims to needed services once safety is established
    • Face-to-face interviews with victims/survivors of DV/SV
    • Work collaboratively with victim/survivor and local service providers to connect them to emergency housing, medical, mental health care, counseling, legal advice, and transitional housing.
    • Will serve as the single point of contact for needs related to DV/SV
  • Attend conferences and travel as necessary when requested by Program Manager or Senior Services Assistant Director
  • Conduct marketing and outreach efforts to expand the Senior Abuse Network
  • Assist in planning training events and community education sessions
  • Collaborate with all staff and/or volunteers providing services through the Senior Abuse Network as needed
  • Will participate in Network meetings to assist in building relationships and strengthen collaboration to improve support for rural seniors who experience DV/SV
  • Assist Program Manager in development of training curriculum, set up training locations, and market training events
  • Work with community partners to maximize the efforts of the Senior Abuse Program
  • Prepare and submit appropriate documentation
  • Maintain accurate records
  • Maintain victim confidentiality
  • Any other duties as assigned by the Program Manager, Senior Services Division Assistant Director, Senior Services Division Director, or the Executive Director


The Senior Abuse Care Coordinator must have the following credentials or experience:

Significant experience addressing DV/SV issues will be a key qualification in this position.

Social Workers must be licensed to practice social work in Mississippi with a bachelor’s degree in social work and have at least one year of full-time experience in direct care service to older adults and experience addressing DV/SV issues.

Others with relevant experience and training and at least a bachelor’s degree and one year of work experience in a social or health service setting or comparable technical and human service training will be considered.

The Senior Abuse Network Care Coordinator must be a responsible person that is self- motivated and able to work independently. Must have good communication and computer skills. Must be neat in appearance and dress appropriate to the situation. Travel is required to perform this job

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