RFP – WIOA ONE-STOP Operator, Adult, and Dislocated Worker Career Services

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One-Stop Operator/Career Service Provider RFP Questions

Revised March 14, 2019

  1. Question: Can we use existing locations?

Answer:  Yes, if accomplished with the current One-Stop Operator and their landlord.

  1. Question: Do partners pay the provider directly or SMPDD?

Answer:  Partners will pay the One-Stop Operator directly.

  1. Question: What is the typical reimbursement time frame from receipt of the invoice?

Answer:  The reimbursement time frame is about four weeks.

  1. Question: Can we hire existing Staff?

Answer:  Existing staff are employees of the current One-Stop Operator/Career Service Provider.  There is no objection to hiring current staff.

  1. Question: Can you provide existing employment levels of performance?

Answer:   The final performance data for the program year 2018 will not be obtained until after the end of the program year, which is June 30, 2019.

Performance for Program Year 2017 is as follows:

Adult Program  
Employment Rate 2nd Quarter After Exit 74.7%
Employment Rate 4th Quarter After Exit 74.4%
Median Earnings 2nd Quarter After Exit $5,048
Credential Attainment within 4 Quarters After Exit 56.5%
In Program Skills Gain 35.8%
Dislocated Worker Program  
Employment Rate 2nd Quarter After Exit 73.1%
Employment Rate 4th Quarter After Exit 75.9%
Median Earnings 2nd Quarter After Exit 5,843
Credential Attainment within 4 Quarters After Exit 48.1%
In Program Skills Gain 34.5%
  1. Question: Can we offer expanded services in the One-Stop?

Answer:  Yes, expanded services may be offered in the One-Stop.

  1. Question: Can an existing One-Stop location be relocated?

Answer:  The Comprehensive Center must be located in Gulfport.  All other Centers must ensure meaningful access to TDWDA customers.  WIOA requires programmatic and physical accessibility for our customers.  The One-Stop Committee reserves the right to decide on acceptable One-Stop locations.

  1. Question: Can we use our existing job centers as satellites?

Answer:  The existing Job centers are leased by MS Department of Employment Security (MDES), not SMPDD.  This would have to be worked out with MDES and their landlord.  If successfully worked out, there is no objection from SMPDD/TDWDB.

  1. Question: What were the other possible locations for the Comprehensive Centers?

Answer:  Hattiesburg and the East Central Area.

  1. Question: Does there need to be a satellite center in each county?

Answer:  No.  However, services must be made available, within a reasonable driving distance, for customers in every county.

  1. Question: Are fillable forms posted on your website?

Answer:   No.  Unfortunately, no fillable forms are available on the website.

  1. Question: Will the computers stay that are in place or will we have to provide our own?

Answer:  You will be responsible for providing computers.  You may include computers in your budget.

  1. Question: What is the median earning?

Answer:  The median earning performance level for 2019 is $4,500.  The median earning is the number in the middle of the participants’ earnings when calculated.

  1. Question: Can we review the proposal submitted by the current operator during the previous RFP process?

Answer:  Please refer to the “Mississippi Public Records Act” and follow the appropriate procedure.  Please direct your request to the originator of the RFP.

  1. Question: Can we obtain the annual budget for the current operator?

Answer:  The total budget for the current operator’s 2018 contract was written for $4,083,258.00 to serve twenty-four counties.  For specific line item information, please refer to “Mississippi Public Records Act” as stated in question #14.

  1. Question: Can we obtain the current WIOA staffing plan and organizational chart?

Answer:  The current staffing plan includes approximately 26 FTEs.

                The organizational chart should be requested from the current One-Stop Operator.

  1. Question: Can we obtain copies of the current lease agreements for all WIN Job Center locations?

Answer:  Please refer to “Mississippi Public Records Act” and follow the appropriate procedure to request copies of the lease agreements from the MS Department of Employment Security.

  1. Question: The RFP does not indicate any allowance for a transition period between the current One-Stop Operator and the new Operator.  There are Approximately 2,500 current participants in the One-Stop system, and the RFP requires a transition between the current and new Operator with minimal disruption in services to those individuals.
  • How will that occur?
  • Will there be any funding available during this transition period?

               Answer:  SMPDD staff will assist you with the transition.   Funding will be available on July 1, 2019.

  1. Question: Is there currently Comprehensive One-Stop Centers in Hattiesburg and Scott County?

Answer:  No.  The only Comprehensive One-Stop Center currently in the Twin Districts Workforce Development Area is located in Gulfport, MS.

  1. Question: In looking at the possibility of submitting a proposal for the WIOA One-Stop, Adult Services, and Dislocated Worker Career services for Clarke, Covington, Jasper, Jones, Greene, Perry, Smith and Wayne Counties, could we move the location from Laurel to Hattiesburg?

Answer:  Please refer to question #7 and the answer.

  1. Question: I have a good understanding of existing staff at the current WIN Center.  In building a budget, is there an estimation or range of salary that I could enter?

Answer:  Salaries are discussed during negotiations.  All aspects of the budget, including salaries, must be reasonable, allocable, allowable and necessary.

  1. Question: If we are allowed to utilize existing locations, we have a rental rate per square foot that we charge for space that includes overhead cost and utilities. Is that allowable cost?

Answer:  Yes.  However, the rate is approved by SMPDD/TDWDB and must be the actual cost that is charged.

  1. Question: I read about terminations and withdrawals, is there a process to deny the award on our part, if we were awarded?

Answer:  If you would like to withdraw your proposal prior to negotiations, please follow the procedure on page 9 of the RFP.  If negotiations do not result in a mutually acceptable submission, either party may opt out at any time during the negotiations.  An award is not made until there are successful negotiations and SMPDD has received its funding allocation notice from the Department of Labor.

  1. Question: In building the budget other than salary the items that would be needed as suggested on page 24 in the RFP request for proposal documents, are there any other mandatory budget items that need to be included?

Answer:  The items listed on page 24 are merely sample items.  These are not mandatory budget items, and there are no mandatory budget items.  However, please include all necessary items.

25.  Question: Can you provide current infrastructure funding agreements(s)?

Answer:      WIOA specifies the infrastructure costs of local one-stop centers as non-personnel costs that are necessary for the general operation of the local one-stop center.  Local one-stop center infrastructure costs may include, but are not limited to:

  • Facility rental;
  • Utilities and maintenance;
  • Equipment (including assessment-related products and assistive technology for individuals with disabilities);
  • Technology to facilitate access to the local one-stop centers, including technology used for the center’s planning and outreach activities; and
  • Common identifier costs, such as the cost of signage for local one-stop centers.

The Federal Cost Principles requires that costs are reasonable, necessary, and allocable.

Examples of reasonable cost allocation methodologies for infrastructure costs may include using a partner’s square footage footprint within a local one-stop center, number of full-time equivalents available to a local one-stop center, or number of clients served by the partner within the one-stop delivery system, and/or a combination of all of the above.

The current infrastructure cost is based on the partner’s square footage footprint within the one-stop centers.

To obtain specific infrastructure funding agreement(s), please refer to “Mississippi Public Records Act.”

26. Question: Can a government entity be part of a collaboration?

Answer:  Yes, government entities may be part of a collaboration.

27. Question: Can one organization respond to the RFP and sub-contract elements of the required services to another organization?

Answer:  Sub-award work may be sub-awarded only with the written consent of SMPDD/TDWDB. Subcontractors, if approved, must meet all applicable Federal requirements. Your organization would be responsible for sub-award compliance

and will be responsible for making sure the subcontractor spend funds only for allowable activities. The subcontractor may not provide the majority of the services. The subcontractor may only provide 49% or less of the required services

28. Question: Is there a minimum or maximum number of customers that need to be served in PY 2019?

Answer: Yes, there is a minimum number of customers that will be required to receive services in PY 2019.  That number is determined during negotiations. The TDWDB require an average of 2500 participants for all twenty-four counties during a program year.

There is no maximum number to be served.


SMPDD/TDWDA is an Equal Opportunity Employer  

Auxiliary aids and services available upon request to individuals with disabilities

TTY/TDD 800-582-2233

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