Phone Number: 1-228-868-2311
Toll Free 1-800-444-8014

Q. What is the starting age for senior services?
60. To learn more, visit the Senior Services page.

Q. Is there an income stipulation or limit?
No, eligibility is determined by a qualified assessor utilizing the State’s Consumer Information Form and will receive a score which indicates the need for certain critical services.

Q. Where is my local senior center?
You can find a list of locations on our Senior Centers page.

Q. Can I go to a senior center that is not the closest to my home?
Any 60+ year old can attend any senior center as long as it is within our 15-county service area.

Q. Can I get meals delivered to my aging parent?
Yes, home-delivered meals are for elderly 60+ who are home bound.

Q. I understand there are meal sites for seniors. Is there a cost, and do I have to sign up?
View our Meal Site Locations. There is no cost to attend a congregate meal site or senior center. You may sign up at the site.

Q. I think one of the seniors who comes to our center is being abused, but I don’t have proof. Is there someone I can talk to about it?
Any suspicion of abuse should be reported to Adult Protective Services.

Report Elder Abuse - Intake Form

Vulnerable Abuse Hotline - 844-437-6282

Q. Is there a way to get someone to help me with housekeeping?
Yes, homemaker service provides assistance with light housekeeping.

Q. I’m retired and would like to help children in the community. Is there a volunteer program that fits my interest?
Yes, our Foster Grandparent programs allow volunteers to help children learn to read and serve as mentors.

Q. I am my parent’s caregiver, and as much as I love him/her, I am wiped out. Is there a program that will provide a little “me” time, maybe even a support group?
Yes, respite services provide temporary relief time to caregivers on a weekly basis.

Q. Is there a local program that offers transportation for seniors? Is there a cost?
Yes, transportation is available in each county at no extra charge.

Q. Medicare and Medicaid are so confusing! Is there someone who can help me understand what’s going on?
Yes, our State Health Insurance Program coordinator can answer all of your questions about your personal individual plan by phone or in person.